Heart Breaking Decisions

This page is for parents who have been told that their baby is sick and decisions need to be made. These are heartbreaking choices regardless of your decision. Hopes and dreams have been shattered and you are now in the devastating position of deciding whether you will continue with your pregnancy, or interrupt (this is medically named termination). Baby Loss NZ have volunteers who have been through a similar experience and are more than happy to talk this through with you. They can help you understand what will happen in the following days, weeks or months depending on your decision. Baby Loss NZ volunteers will support you whether you decide to continue with your pregnancy or interrupt your pregnancy. This is a heartbreaking choice and we strongly encourage you to ask for support. Regardless of your decision, memories can be made and we strongly encourage you to do so. Our Care Bag can be given to you in order to help you think about memories you will be able to create. You can also read through our leaflet "A Heartbreaking Choice" which goes into further detail.