Every Moment Counts

blue1  As we understand how important physical items are, we offer a Tangible Memory Making  Service.  Members of our team come to the hospital and help you to make memories that you can hold on to forever. This free service consists of  hand and  foot casts which are framed as well as on granite and freestanding, photos (placed on a USB) in colour, black and white and set to music in a slideshow and inkless hand/footprints.

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We can also help with parenting your baby e.g. bathing, dressing etc. The casts are best taken as soon as possible so we encourage you to call us while you are still in hospital and we will arrange a time to come in.  Parents are more than welcome (and in fact we encourage it) to be involved in this service.  However if you feel you do not want this, we can take the casts in the bereavement room for you.  To book in your castings please just call us – 0800 726374 0278726901 or 0278726901.  See below for some testimonials from families who have received this service.

This service is also available for families in the following regions -

Baby Loss NZ (Hauraki/Piako) - contact Leonie Kirwan 0272476818

Angel Casts - Waikato - contact Jennifer Christiansen 0273334069

*please note that extra casts, photographs and/or framing may not be available in all areas

When we lost our son Arthur last year it felt like our world had fallen apart, with so many dreams lost and broken hearts. In a moment like that knowing how to make memories that will keep the memory of your baby alive and allow you to grieve was unknown to us. The memory making services provided by Baby Loss NZ was our lifesaver enabling us to create tangible memories that we could hold onto when we did not have our baby boy to take home. We are forever in the debt of Sarah and her team as they allowed us to create memories that we can hold onto always. We encourage you support their funding proposal so that other bereaved families can continue to be supported in creating lifelong memories. Ila and Tim Daniels

We would like to thank Baby Loss NZ from the bottom of our hearts for the memories you made for my husband, daughters and I, which will help us to remember our wee boy, Jacob. We were not prepared for the loss of Jacob. When we went into labour we were excited at the imminent arrival of our precious son. Given a choice I would rather have my baby boy to hold and see grow, but the cruel twists of life left us without that dream. Your tangible memory making service gave us something of Jacob to hold for life. Had it not been for Baby Loss NZ giving us this gift, we would have been left with only the shock tainted, blurry memories of the day our son was born; and died. These castings, hand / foot prints and the photos you created for us, at a time when we were unable to do this (or even think to do this) for ourselves are now something we treasure, adore and can hold forever. I hope you can continue to offer this service to other families who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in a position to need them. What these memories mean to us, is immeasurable and I can only hope others may be able to find some comfort in the memories you create, as we have done. Thank you, Sandy & John Rothery.

I would like to thank Baby Loss NZ for the amazing things that they did for me at the toughest time of my life. 
When your life has just been turned upside down and you have all these questions been asked that you thought you would never need to think of answering. Where do you want the funerals, what flowers, cremation or burial?  The last thing on your mind is how am i going to make these memories last forever. Baby Loss NZ offers great support as well as a great service . I had not heard of them until the day i lost my baby at 39 weeks. Baby Loss NZ were right by my side, support to help answer all the difficult questions and were on call for when i had given birth so that they could be there soon to take castings of my angels hands and feet as we only have them for a short time before we say goodbye forever. I have no idea what i would have done without the support of Baby Loss NZ. They are a GREAT organization.   Briar Pope ( Mother of Angel Olivia )